UPDATED 1:36 p.m.   Here is the text of the Chief Justice’s remarks at the opening of the Court’s public session Monday.


 With a brief tribute from Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., noting that the Supreme Court will miss the late Justice Antonin Scalia “beyond measure,” the Court resumed its normal business Monday morning.  Roberts noted that there will be a formal memorial service for Justice Scalia in the courtroom at a later date.

Recounting the late colleague’s personal history, the Chief Justice noted in particular his “irrespressible spirit.”  He also commented that Scalia had authored 282 majority opinions, “and was known occasionally to dissent.”

The Justices were in the seats they have been occupying, because the draped memorial at Scalia’s place on the bench will remain in place until March 14.  Then the others will be seated in the new alignment of seniority.

The Court will release a transcript of Roberts’s remarks shortly.  Later today, blog colleague Mark Walsh will recount for this blog the day’s events in the courtroom.

CORRECTION:  This post originally reported that, in his statement from the bench, the Chief Justice referred to Justice Antonin Scalia’s 292 majority opinions.  However, the Court has noted that the correct figure for the number of majority opinions authored by Justice Scalia was 282.  The higher figure noted by the Chief Justice in his statement on the bench was based, the Court said, on “staff error.”

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