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Tuesday round-up


  • Sam Baker of National Journal suggests that, if “you want to know why the Su­preme Court is poised to strike a ma­jor blow to af­firm­at­ive ac­tion, fo­cus­ing on Ant­on­in Scalia’s com­ments about black stu­dents and ‘slower-track’ uni­versit­ies might be miss­ing the point.”
  • At LinkedIn Pulse, Dawinder Sidhu considers how the Supreme Court should address calls from federal courts of appeals for “an updated approach to the Thirteenth Amendment.”
  • At NFIB, Luke Wake discusses a petition for certiorari that the Pacific Legal Foundation filed on behalf of “a small business property owner who was denied the opportunity to raise a takings claim in federal court, notwithstanding the fact that the state courts in Connecticut had already demonstrated a lack of concern for their asserted federal rights.”

[Correction:  An earlier version of this post referred to a petition for certiorari filed by the National Federation of Independent Business, but the petition was in fact filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation.]

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