Commentary on the upcoming Term’s Evenwel v. Abbott, the “one person, one vote” case, continues.  At Cato at Liberty, llya Shapiro weighs in, discussing an amicus brief that Cato filed which “focus[es] on rebuttals to two supposed justifications for allowing states to violate” the principle of “one person, one vote.”   And at Frontpage Mag, Ian Smith discusses an amicus brief by the Immigration Reform Law Institute which argues that, “in the case of illegal aliens at least, it was never intended by the framers to include them in the apportionment base from which we distribute our representatives.” 


  • At ThinkProgress, Ian Millhiser discusses the D.C. Circuit’s recent ruling rejecting a challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. He contends that “[t]he Affordable Care Act is alive and [the challenge] is, if not entirely dead, unlikely to be taken up by the Supreme Court if every judge who has considered the arguments presented . . . agree that those arguments should be rejected.”

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