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Wednesday round-up

Commentary continues on the challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage, in which the oral arguments are now less than two weeks away.  Writing for this blog, Lyle Denniston continues his series previewing the oral arguments with a post on the amicus briefs filed in support of the challengers.  Writing for The Economist’s Democracy in America blog, Steven Mazie previews the challengers’ arguments in the first of two posts on the cases, while at First Things Hadley Arkes contends that “[t]he strongest argument made by the proponents of same-sex marriage just happens to be the source of the strongest leverage against their position.” And at BuzzFeed, Chris Geidner notes that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has not indicated how she believes the Court should rule.


  • Writing for The Washington Post, Susan Svrluga has the story of a university professor who has asked the Court to hear his First Amendment case, in which he alleges that he was retaliated against for speaking out against tenure.
  • In the San Jose Mercury News, Howard Mintz reports that San Jose will “ask the Supreme Court to consider the city’s claims that Major League Baseball has violated federal antitrust laws.”

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