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Monday round-up


  • The Georgetown University Law Center’s Supreme Court Institute has published its preview of cases on the Court’s docket for the upcoming Term.
  • Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed reports on the execution last week of Earl Ringo, a Missouri death row inmate whose stay requests were denied by a divided Supreme Court.
  • At Mirror of Justice, Thomas Berg discusses the amicus brief that he and other lawyers filed on behalf of a coalition of anti-abortion groups in Young v. UPS, in which the Court will interpret the scope of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
  • At the Washington Legal Foundation’s Legal Pulse blog, Glen Lammi discusses a new cert. petition involving compelled speech; he urges the Court, if it grants review, to “clarify that government’s authority to mandate speech by commercial entities is greatest when the mandate corrects deceptive information, and that if the government’s interest isnot related to deception, courts should apply heightened First Amendment scrutiny.”

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