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Tuesday round-up


  • CNN’s Bill Mears summarizes the major cases the Court is poised to decide in the next four weeks and observes that those cases “could fundamentally change lives and legacies on a range of politically explosive issues.”
  • In his Sidebar column for The New York Times, Adam Liptak notes that the Court’s opinions in this Term have so far been more unanimous than in prior terms. He observes that although “[t]he marquee decisions of the term — on affirmative action, voting rights and same-sex marriage — will almost certainly be closely divided on the core issues . . . the overall percentage of unanimous decisions is unlikely to drop to 40 percent, the average rate for full terms in recent years.”
  • At Forbes, Theodore Frank discusses Sears v. Butler — a class action lawsuit against manufacturers of environmentally-friendly front-loading washing machines that the Justices will consider at their May 30 Conference – and argues that the Court “almost has to hear the case or give green flag to the opening the floodgates to similar class actions.”

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