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Menu of today’s coverage of the Proposition 8 argument

This post will be continually updated as we add to our coverage throughout the day.

  • NEW:  A round-up of today’s news coverage of the argument is here
  • Tom’s post “Reaching a judgment” is here. 
  • Amy’s analysis “In Plain English” is here.
  • FINAL UPDATE: Lyle’s post-argument report is here.
  • Tom’s post-argument report is here. 
  • Argument audio synced with a searchable transcript is available  from the Oyez Project here.
  • Our case page for Hollingsworth v. Perry, which contains links to all the briefs, is here.

Coverage from Bloomberg:

  • Greg Stohr’s argument recap is here.
  • Nick Taborek’s coverage of the scene outside the Court is here.
  • Bloomberg’s live blog  is here.

The Court also issued an opinion in one case today, Florida v. Jardines.

  • Kevin Russell’s opinion recap is here.

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