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Thursday round-up


  • Amanda Frost has another post in this blog’s “Academic Highlight” series, discussing a new article by Ernest Young on preemption in the Roberts Court.
  • The Houston Chronicle has a profile of Josh Blackman, the founder of, the Supreme Court prediction fantasy league.
  • Justice Sotomayor attended the Yankees-Orioles game at Yankee Stadium yesterday, drawing coverage from Ronald Blum of the Associated Press and Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News.
  • Lawrence Hurley of E&E News reports that lawyers representing Texas are relying on the Medicaid expansion holding of the Court’s health care decision to argue that new EPA Clean Air Act regulations are unconstitutionally coercive.
  • In the wake of the recent cert. petition in the Proposition 8 litigation (covered in Conor’s round-up yesterday), Damon W. Root of Reason predicts that Justice Kennedy will vote to strike down California’s same-sex marriage ban. Maura Dolan has further coverage of the cert. petition for the Los Angeles Times.
  • In a review of Michael Gerhardt’s new book The Power of Precedent for The New Republic, Adrian Vermeule argues that “[t]he Justices are not particularly faithful to their own precedents, let alone to those written by others.”

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