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Tuesday round-up

In the National Law Journal (registration required), Tony Mauro interviews Marvin Miller, a former director of the Major League Baseball Players Association. Miller describes the role played by retired Justice John Paul Stevens — then in private practice — in the development of the rights of baseball players.

In the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), Ashby Jones examines Second Amendment litigation in the wake of the Court’s decisions in McDonald v. City of Chicago and District of Columbia v. Heller. In particular, he notes that two cases recently filed in Illinois, challenging a state law that prevents nearly all residents from possessing a firearm outside their home, “could ultimately provide the” Court with “the next opportunity to clarify the rather murky outlines of the Second Amendment.” The WSJ Law Blog also has coverage.

Reuters (via the Chicago Tribune) reports that on Monday the federal government filed a lawsuit seeking to block enforcement of an Alabama immigration law that in some respects parallels the law upheld by the Court in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting in May.

At the BLT, David Ingram reports on the Ninth Circuit’s denial of rehearing en banc in the case of former Representative Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.). In June, a three-judge panel held that the Speech and Debate Clause provides only limited protection from the investigative tactics of executive branch officials. Ingram notes that the case could ultimately reach the Court because the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with a 2007 ruling by the D.C. Circuit.


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