One or more opinions may be released at 10 a.m.; we will be live-blogging should any be handed down.  Then the Court will hear oral argument in the following cases:

~10 a.m. – The Court will consider how the Ex Post Facto Clause applies to a sex offender registration law in Carr v. United States (08-1301).  Kate Neilson, a Harvard law student, discussed the case last night on SCOTUSblog.

~11 a.m. – In United States v. Marcus (08-1341), the Court will consider whether the appropriate standard for review of an alleged violation of the Ex Post Facto Clause is whether there is any possibility that the defendant could have been convicted based exclusively on conduct that took place before the enactment of the statutes in question.  Harvard law student Jesenka Mrdjenovic previewed the case earlier for SCOTUSblog.

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