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Vote on Sotomayor expected at 3 p.m. today

The Senate session and vote can be watched on CSPAN2, available on most cable systems and Video of Senators’ floor statements from earlier this week on Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation can be streamed here.

Sixty-four Senators have expressed commitment to vote for Judge Sotomayor and about 31 have expressed opposition, with five uncommitted. Below, I’ve listed the Senate vote on each of the currently seated Supreme Court Justices and retired Justice David H. Souter, whose seat Judge Sotomayor will fill:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, September 29, 2005, 78 – 22

Justice Samuel A. Alito, January 31, 2006, 58 – 42

Justice Stephen G. Breyer, July 29, 1994, 87-9

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, August 03, 1993, 96-3

Justice Clarence Thomas, October 15, 1991, 52-48

Retired Justice David H. Souter, October 02, 1990, 90-9

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, February 03, 1988, 97-0

Justice Antonin Scalia,  September 17, 1986, 98-0

Justice John Paul Stevens, December 17, 1975, 98-0