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08.08.09 Kristina Moore Sotomayor sworn in as Associate Justice
08.06.09 Kristina Moore Sotomayor to be sworn in August 8
08.06.09 Kristina Moore Sotomayor confirmed by vote of 68-31
08.06.09 Kristina Moore Vote on Sotomayor expected at 3 p.m. today
08.04.09 Kristina Moore C-SPAN: Majority of Senators to vote “yes” on Sotomayor
08.03.09 Kristina Moore Sen. McCain to vote against Sotomayor
07.28.09 Kristina Moore Senate Judiciary Committee votes to recommend Sotomayor
07.24.09 Kristina Moore Senators Cornyn and Hatch to vote against Sotomayor
07.22.09 Kristina Moore Republican Senators announce their votes on Sotomayor: Graham, Yes; Kyl, No
07.20.09 Kristina Moore Judge Sotomayor Responds to Republican Senators’ Written Questions
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