• In The Washington Post, Robert Barnes reports on an amicus brief filed in the challenge to Texas’s abortion regulations that “urges the justices to examine the intent of Texas legislators who say they approved new restrictions on abortion providers as health safeguards for the women undergoing the procedure.”
  • At his eponymous blog, John Q. Barrett responds to a blog post by Anton Piatigorsky on Justice David Souter, countering that what President George H.W. Bush “was seeking was, by all accounts, a problem-free, no paper trail, quality, Republican-type nominee—who, yes, as a replacement for Justice Brennan, almost by definition had the potential to shift the Supreme Court rightward.”
  • At The Blaze, Mark Miller weighs in on the property rights case S. Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co., in which the Court will hear oral arguments in March, arguing that the “right to own and responsibly benefit from property is a cornerstone of all our liberties. But that right lacks substance if owners can’t go to court to defend it, and bureaucrats are allowed to answer only to themselves.”

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