Today the Court asked the parties in Kiyemba v. Obama (08-1234) to file supplemental briefs (limited to eight pages) on the question whether the case should be dismissed now that the Obama Administration has found countries willing to accept all seven of the petitioners, Uighurs detained at the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  In two letters filed last week, the government notified the Court that Switzerland had agreed to accept the final two detainees (the first letter is here, from an earlier report by Lyle, and the second is here).  The specific question that the parties are directed to address in their briefs is: “What should be the effect, if any, of the developments discussed in the letters submitted by the parties on February 3 and 5 on the Court's grant of certiorari in this case?”

Both briefs are due on Friday, February 19, by 2 p.m.  The case is currently scheduled for argument on March 23.

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