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With Democrats in control, Supreme Court reform proposals reclaim center stage


Hosted by the Brookings Institution, a panel of experts assessed the odds of renewed calls to reform the Supreme Court, and the federal judiciary more broadly, under a Biden White House and narrowly Democratic Senate.


Justices vacate rulings on Trump and emoluments

By Amy Howe

The Supreme Court tossed two lawsuits alleging that former President Trump unconstitutionally profited off his hotel. The court also declined to weigh in on Nevada’s COVID restrictions and Mississippi’s anti-abortion law.

Opinion analysis

Justices dismiss arbitrability dispute

In a dispute between two dental-supply companies, the court chose not to decide the merits – in effect handing a win to the side that wants to avoid arbitration.


Roberts will not preside over impeachment trial

Although the Constitution requires the chief justice to preside over impeachment trials of presidents, there is no similar explicit requirement for trials of former presidents.


Amy Howe and Katie Barlow discuss potential picks for the next solicitor general, the top lawyer who represents the government before the Supreme Court – as well as for the next justice nomination shortlist.