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Caira v. United States

Petition for certiorari denied on June 28, 2018
Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term
16-6761 7th Cir. N/A N/A N/A N/A OT 2017

Issue: Whether the Supreme Court should resolve a split of authority among the courts by rejecting the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit's reasoning in United States v. Caira, which holds that individuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy in information held by a third party.

DateProceedings and Orders (key to color coding)
Sep 11 2016Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due December 7, 2016)
Nov 23 2016Waiver of right of respondent United States to respond filed.
Dec 01 2016DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 6, 2017.
Dec 07 2016Response Requested. (Due January 6, 2017)
Dec 28 2016Order extending time to file response to petition to and including February 6, 2017.
Feb 06 2017Brief of respondent United States in opposition filed.
Feb 17 2017Reply of petitioner Frank Caira filed.
Feb 23 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of March 17, 2017.
Mar 01 2017Rescheduled.
Mar 22 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 13, 2017.
Apr 17 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 21, 2017.
Apr 24 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of April 28, 2017.
May 08 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 11, 2017.
May 15 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 18, 2017.
May 22 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of May 25, 2017.
May 30 2017DISTRIBUTED for Conference of June 1, 2017.
Jun 27 2018DISTRIBUTED for Conference of 6/27/2018.
Jun 28 2018Petition DENIED.
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