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Author: Ronald Collins

Ronald Collins



Ronald Collins was the Harold S. Shefelman scholar at the University of Washington School of Law. He is the author or editor of a dozen books, including “Robotica: Speech Rights & Artificial Intelligence" (2018); “The Judge: 26 Machiavellian Lessons" (2017); “On Dissent: Its Meaning in America” (2013); “Nuanced Absolutism: Floyd Abrams & the First Amendment” (2013); “We Must Not be Afraid to be Free” (2011); “The Fundamental Holmes” (2010); “The Trials of Lenny Bruce” (2002); “The Death of Discourse” (1992) and “Constitutional Government in America” (1980). His scholarly articles have appeared in the Harvard and Stanford Law Reviews and in the Supreme Court Review, among other publications. He is the co-founder and co-director of the History Book Festival and the co-chair of the First Amendment Salons.

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