Jennifer Chacon Guest

Jennifer M. Chacón is Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law.

Date Post Title
02.24.20 Argument preview: Do federal courts have jurisdiction to review a challenge to an administrative denial of relief under the Convention Against Torture?
03.20.19 Opinion analysis: Justices uphold broad interpretation of immigration detention provision
10.11.18 Argument analysis: Are there limits to the government’s power to detain immigrants without a hearing?
10.03.18 Argument preview: Justices once again consider proper scope of immigration law’s mandatory detention provision
06.22.18 Opinion analysis: Court rejects agency interpretation of immigration statute, giving immigrant a chance at lawful residence
04.24.18 Argument analysis: Justices skeptical of government’s reading of immigrant-removal provisions
04.16.18 Argument preview: Interpretation of removal statute raises deference questions
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