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This week, we are hosting a symposium before oral argument on December 2 in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York. Click here to read the contributions.

Evan Lee Guest

Evan Lee is Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

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11.05.19 Argument analysis: Justices seem divided over evidence needed to make investigatory stop
10.28.19 Argument preview: Can the police stop a vehicle because its registered owner’s license has been suspended or revoked?
06.21.19 Opinion analysis: Felons-in-possession must know they are felons
04.24.19 Argument analysis: Court leaning toward requiring the government to prove that a felon in possession knew he was a felon
04.16.19 Argument preview: Must an unauthorized immigrant in possession of a firearm know he is in the country illegally?
02.28.19 Opinion analysis: Defense lawyer’s refusal to file requested appeal constitutes ineffective assistance, despite defendant’s appeal waiver
10.31.18 Argument analysis: Court skeptical that a lawyer may unilaterally countermand client’s instruction to file a criminal appeal
10.23.18 Argument preview: Can a criminal defense lawyer refuse to file an appeal from a guilty plea because of an appeal waiver? (Corrected)
06.19.18 Opinion analysis: Plain Sentencing Guidelines errors “ordinarily” justify relief
02.22.18 Argument analysis: Justices hint at categorical approach to correcting forfeited Sentencing Guidelines errors
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