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Tuesday round-up

Judge Amy Coney Barrett introduced herself to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday — but only after senators from both parties spent most of the day doing the talking. Republicans praised Barrett’s academic and judicial credentials, calling her a textualist and originalist who would neutrally apply the law if confirmed to the Supreme Court. Democrats painted a starkly different picture, predicting that Barrett would help strike down the Affordable Care Act and overturn landmark precedents on abortion rights and same-sex marriage. SCOTUSblog’s coverage of day one of Barrett’s confirmation hearings is here. Day two begins Tuesday morning, when senators will begin questioning the nominee.

With most of the legal world focused on the Barrett hearings, the Supreme Court’s work continues with oral arguments in two more cases. Evan Lee previews United States v. Briggs, which involves the statute of limitations for prosecutions of rape committed by members of the military. And Danielle D’Onfro previews City of Chicago v. Fulton, a technical-sounding bankruptcy case that offers a view into punitive municipal fines and fees.

Other Supreme Court-related news and commentary from around the web:

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