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Thursday round-up


  • David Savage reports for the Los Angeles Times that “[t]he Supreme Court is nearing the end of its term and ready to release major decisions on abortion, religion and the separation of powers.”
  • At Bloomberg Government, Andrew Kreighbaum and Erin Mulvaney report that “[t]ransgender students stand to gain leverage in lawsuits over access to bathrooms and participation in school sports following last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on LGBT workers’ rights.”
  • At the Cato Institute’s Cato at Liberty blog, Walter Olson writes that although “[l]ast week’s Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, interpreting employment discrimination on the basis of ‘sex’ to include sexual orientation and gender identity, has sparked a fair bit of talk about how religious liberty is supposedly circling the legal drain,” “religious liberty is in a stronger position today in American law than some of its proponents seem prepared to concede.”

  • At the George Washington Law Review’s On the Docket blog, Natasha Merle and Samuel Spital suggest that last week’s decision in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California, in which the court held that the government’s decision to terminate the DACA program violated the procedural requirements prescribed for administrative agencies, “represents a troubling missed opportunity for the Court to confront the evidence that DACA’s rescission was motivated, at least in part, by unconstitutional racial animus.”
  • Daniel Woislaw at the Pacific Legal Foundation blog urges the court to review Lech v. City of Greenwood Village “and recognize that the Fifth Amendment requires law enforcement to pay full compensation for all losses incurred when it destroys property while exercising its police powers.”

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