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Wednesday round-up

According to Pete Williams of NBC News, “[t]he court disclosed Tuesday that [Justice Sonia] Sotomayor took herself off a case from Colorado involving a challenge to a state law directing how presidential electors must cast their votes, because of a personal friendship with one of the challengers.” At CNN, Ariane de Vogue reports that “[t]here are two cases, one from Colorado and one from Washington state, before the justices”; although “the Court had initially consolidated the cases, on Tuesday it said it would unlink them and hear separate oral arguments.”


  • At The Hill (via How Appealing), Harper Neidig reports that Mark Janus, “[a]n anti-union advocate who won a landmark Supreme Court case two years ago[,] is now asking the court to order a public sector labor group to pay back the union dues that it had ruled unconstitutional.”
  • At The American Prospect, Felicia Kornbluh weighs in on in June Medical Services v. Russo, a challenge to a Louisiana law regulating abortion, observing that “[b]ecause the potential consequences of Louisiana’s initiative are so severe, the case is really a test of whether a state can effectively legislate abortion out of existence without criminalizing patients or doctors for seeking or providing it per se, or by attacking Roe v. Wade head-on.”
  • At the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, Ellen Podgor writes that a ruling for the president in upcoming cases involving his efforts to shield his financial records from subpoenas issued to his accountant and lenders “would mean that a President could engage in conduct that could never be scrutinized.”

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