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Tuesday round-up


  • In the latest episode of SCOTUStalk (podcast), Tom Goldstein and Kevin Russell join Amy Howe “to discuss the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will weigh in next term on whether federal employment discrimination laws protect LGBT employees.”
  • Kimberly Robinson reports at Bloomberg Law that the Supreme Court is entering what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called “’flood season’”: “the ‘well-known crunch’ as the end of the U.S. Supreme Court term approaches,” with “40 of the court’s expected 69 opinions … still outstanding.”
  • At The National Law Journal (subscription or registration required), Tony Mauro reports that “[t]he case of a Colorado 4-year-old girl who was strip searched by a government social worker,” I.B. v. Woodard, “could prompt the U.S. Supreme Court to take a new look at its ‘qualified immunity’ doctrine that lets officials off the hook in some circumstances when they violate an individual’s civil rights.”
  • A Federalist Society video captures a recent panel discussion of “the impact … on takings law” of Love Terminal Partners v. United States, a “2018 Federal Circuit Court ruling [now being appealed to the Supreme Court that] rejected compensation to the plaintiff in a case in which the government took through eminent domain a privately owned airline terminal and physically demolished it.”
  • At Empirical SCOTUS, Adam Feldman analyzes the interaction among justices and between justices and attorneys during this term’s oral arguments.

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