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Friday round-up


  • At The National Law Journal (subscription or registration required), Tony Mauro reports that “Justice Clarence Thomas was adamant on March 30 when he told a friendly Pepperdine University School of Law audience that he had no plans to retire from the court,” and that “a video of the event posted for the first time on Thursday makes it clear it was not just a casual statement.”
  • At R Street, Shoshana Weismann and Anthony Marcum introduce “a new resource for those who want to learn more about Supreme Court confirmation hearings”: a searchable database containing “the text of every Supreme Court confirmation hearing for which Senate Judiciary Committee transcripts are available.”
  • The latest episode of the Heritage Foundation’s SCOTUS 101 podcast features a discussion of “the Supreme Court’s death penalty decision and why the Kansas Attorney General’s office will have a very busy summer.”
  • At Law360 (subscription required), Jennifer Huddleston explains that Kisor v. Wilkie, in which the justices will reconsider precedents that require courts to defer to a federal agency’s reasonable interpretation of its own regulations, “has the potential to disrupt more than judicial deference — it may also help clear the path for some of the positive disruptions that technology is bringing to individuals’ lives.”

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