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Monday round-up


  • For The New York Times, Adam Liptak takes a look at the history behind “an awkward and illuminating tradition at the Supreme Court: the group photographs prepared when a new justice joins the court.”
  • As Amy Howe reports for this blog, in a post that first appeared at Howe on the Court, on Friday the justices issued orders from their private conference; they added one case to their merits docket: maritime-law dispute The Dutra Group v. Batterton.
  • At CNN, Joan Biskupic reports that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “relentless” questioning in a double jeopardy case last week sent a “message, explicit then, and implicit in other instances over the past month: I’m still here.”
  • Tony Mauro observes at The National Law Journal (subscription or registration required) that “[i]t is rare for justices to compliment the lawyers before them for the quality of their briefs, but Justice Stephen Breyer did just that during oral argument” last week in patent case Helsinn Healthcare v. Teva Pharmaceuticals.
  • At Good Judgment, Ryan Adler invites readers to forecast the result in Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association v. Blair, “a challenge to the state of Tennessee’s durational residency requirements for liquor licensing”  in which the court will confront a “dichotomy between … two constitutional tenets”:  the 21st Amendment and the dormant commerce clause.

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