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Wednesday round-up


  • At Bloomberg Law, Kimberly Robinson reports that although the court’s “’opinions related to orders’ get less attention than [its] merits opinions,” “they give courtwatchers clues about the justices who write them.”
  • Melissa Quinn reports for the Washington Examiner that “[t]he Washington rumor mill is churning with speculation about whether Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire at the end of the Supreme Court’s term next month,” and that “outside groups are laying the groundwork for a vacancy.”
  • At Empirical SCOTUS, Adam Feldman analyzes this term’s oral arguments by looking at, among other things, the number of words spoken by the justices and advocates.
  • At Take Care, Leah Litman maintains that a letter from the solicitor general to the court correcting the record after the oral argument in Trump v. Hawaii, a challenge to the latest version of the Trump administration’s entry ban, betrays “the degree of looseness with the facts the SG’s office is apparently now willing to tolerate.”
  • At The World and Everything In It, Mary Reichard discusses the oral arguments in Washington v. United States, in which the justices considered the scope of tribal fishing rights; bankruptcy case Lamar, Archer & Cofrin, LLP v. Appling; and Pereira v. Sessions, which asks how to interpret a provision of the criminal-removal statute. [Disclosure: Goldstein & Russell, P.C., whose attorneys contribute to this blog in various capacities, is among the counsel on an amicus brief in support of the petitioner in Pereira.]
  • In an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, William Perry Pendley urges the justices to grant a cert petition filed by “a Colorado woman whose hard-earned, rare, and valuable claims to minerals she discovered on federal land were seized by the Obama administration.”

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