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Wednesday round-up


  • At Sports Handle, Ryan Rodenberg recounts his experience attending oral argument last week in Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, a constitutional challenge to the federal ban on sports betting.
  • The National Law Journal’s (subscription or registration required) continuing coverage and analysis of its research on Supreme Court clerks includes Karen Sloan’s profile of “four unlikely SCOTUS clerks” here and Tony Mauro’s report on Jones Day’s success in recruiting departing clerks here.
  • To mark yesterday’s anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 2000 decision in Bush v. Gore, Subscript offers a graphic explainer for the case, highlighting parallels between Bush v. Gore and Gill v. Whitford, a pending partisan-gerrymandering case in which “[t]he biggest issue … is whether the Court will rule the case nonjusticiable.”
  • At Law360 (subscription required), Vidya Kauri analyzes the oral argument in Marinello v. United States, in which the justices will consider the limits of tax-law obstruction charges, noting that several justices “appeared to take the position that the government’s interpretation of the so-called omnibus clause in Section 7212(a) of the Internal Revenue Code may be too far-reaching.”
  • At Justia’s Verdict blog, Michael Dorf weighs in on Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, in which the court will decide whether the First Amendment bars Colorado from requiring a baker to create a cake for a same-sex wedding, arguing that “[t]rading off liberty for equality … can be difficult in some cases, [b]ut Masterpiece Cakeshop is not one of those cases.”

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