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OT2017 #5: “Oglethorpe’s Second Cousin”

We’re now halfway through the Supreme Court’s November sitting. Although the court didn’t grant any new cases last week, it gave us plenty of other things to talk about. Among the many questions we discuss: Why does Chief Justice John Roberts think one of his predecessors is underrated because of his corpulence? How can the Supreme Court bar increase the number of women delivering oral arguments? Were Dan and Leah better law clerks to Justice Anthony Kennedy than Justice Neil Gorsuch was? And what forms of body art are most appropriate for honoring the justices?

We also recap last week’s arguments in Wilson v. Sellers and Artis v. District of Columbia, revisiting — and defending — our bold predictions from our live show at the University of Michigan Law School. And then we preview this week’s argument in the federal-courts nerd-fest Patchak v. Zinke, and we debate why and whether the separation-of-powers issue in the case is so important. Finally, stay tuned through the hotline calls to hear about Leah’s battlefield promotion to “Part-Time Host.”

Recommended Citation: First Mondays Podcast, OT2017 #5: “Oglethorpe’s Second Cousin”, SCOTUSblog (Nov. 6, 2017, 7:27 AM),