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Monday round-up

NPR’s Weekend Edition features an interview with Rick Hasen in which Hasen discusses the court’s voting rights cases, including the justices’ decision last week not to review a lower court ruling that struck down North Carolina’s restrictive voting law. In The Washington Post, Robert Barnes reports that the “big win for voting rights activists at the Supreme Court last week” in the North Carolina case “came with an equally big asterisk, and provided new reason for jittery liberals and civil rights groups to continue to fret about Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.,” who “made it clear” in a rare statement that “the justices were not endorsing the 4th Circuit’s reasoning by passing on the case.”


  • The Daily Journal’s Weekly Appellate Report (podcast), features discussions of “two U.S. Supreme Court matters, one a cert denial in a widely-followed election law case, and the other a ruling reemphasizing – and perhaps extending – the high court’s endorsement of arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.”
  • Counting to 5 (podcast) offers “a big picture look at the Court’s current term” and a review of several high-profile cases.
  • At Dorf on Law, Eric Segall observes that on “at least three occasions over the last seven months Justice Samuel Alito has made public remarks about the appropriate role of religion in this country that, if made by a liberal Justice, would likely result in conservative outrage and calls for recusal the next time the Supreme Court hears a case regarding religious liberty”; Segall calls on “conservative Court watchers” to “remember those rants the next time a liberal Justice speaks out in a similar manner.”

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