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Wednesday round-up

As the beginning of the October 2016 Term approaches, court-watchers are engaged in previewing some of the cases on the Supreme Court’s docket. At Bloomberg Law, Kevin McGowan reports that although there is “just one labor-related item among the 31 cases granted review” so far by the Supreme Court for the new term, several pending requests for review raise important employment law issues. In the Constitutional Law Prof Blog, Ruthann Robson previews the “handful” of constitutional law cases on the Supreme Court’s docket for the upcoming term. Scott Graham reports for (subscription required) that with “four IP cases on the docket and several more knocking at the door of certiorari, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised for a banner year of patent, trademark and copyright decisions.” Chicago Tonight offers a discussion by former Supreme Court law clerks of the cases on the docket, notable petitions for review, and the effect on the court of Justice Antonin Scalia’s absence.

An Advice and Consent podcast features commentary on why the court was a non-issue during the recent presidential debate, as well as speculation about what might happen to the Supreme Court appointment process if Donald Trump becomes president but the Senate is evenly split between the parties. In his column for Bloomberg, Noah Feldman also explains why the Supreme Court is a back-burner election topic, arguing that “neither candidate has much reason to put the Supreme Court front and center,” but predicting that “when the dust has settled,” “the Supreme Court will return to the front pages very quickly indeed, and the question of who will succeed Scalia will be one of the most pressing issues facing the new president, whoever it is.”


  • In What It Takes (podcast), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg talks to NPR’s Nina Totenberg about Ginsburg’s early career, her marriage, and her unlikely friendship with Justice Antonin Scalia.

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