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Afternoon round-up: Today’s decisions

This morning the Court released six decisions. In Zubik v. Burwell, the Court did not decide whether the Affordable Care Act’s birth-control mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, instead remanding the cases to the federal courts of appeals. Lyle Denniston covered the decision for this blog, while Mark Walsh provided a “view” from the Courtroom. This blog is also hosting an online symposium on the decision. Other early coverage comes from Robert Barnes of The Washington Post, Sarah Ferris of The Hill, Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico, Adam Liptak of The New York Times, Daniel Fisher of Forbes (who also covers the Court’s other five decisions today), Mark Walsh of Education Week, Pete Williams of NBC News, Carol Zimmermann of National Catholic Reporter, Bill Mears of Fox News, and Jaclyn Belczyk of Jurist.

Early commentary comes from Jessica Pieklo of Rewire, Emily Crockett of Vox, Ian Millhiser of Think Progress, Adam Feldman at Empirical SCOTUS, Garrett Epps at The Atlantic, Dahlia Lithwick at Slate, Jay Michaelson at The Daily Beast, Roger Severino and Elizabeth Slattery at The Daily Signal, the editorial board of The Christian Science Monitor, Neil Schoenherr at Washington University in St. Louis’s The Source, and Charlie Spiering of Breitbart.

In Spokeo v. Robins, the Court sent back to the Ninth Circuit a lawsuit by a Virginia man who alleges that the “people search engine” Spokeo because its Article III standing analysis was incomplete. Early coverage comes from Michael Daly of The National Law Review, Adam Liptak of The New York Times, Robert Barnes of The Washington Post, and Jaclyn Belczyk of Jurist. Early commentary comes from Deborah LaFetra at the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Liberty Blog, Andrew Pincus, Archis Parasharami, and John Nadolenco at Mayer Brown’s Class Defense Blog, and Adam Klein at Lawfare.

The Court also decided Sheriff v. Gillie, Husky International Electronics v. Ritz, Merrill Lynch v. Manning, and Kernan v. Hinojosa. Ronald Mann covered the Sheriff decision for this blog. Other early coverage of and commentary on the case comes from Jessica Wehrman of The Columbus Dispatch, Chris Morgan of Consumerist, and Ryan Rainey of Morning Consult. Early commentary on the Husky decision comes from Kevin Lessmiler at Courthouse News Service. Early coverage of the Merrill Lynch decision comes from Michael Bobelian of Forbes, Ryan Rainey of Morning Consult, and Jaclyn Belczyk of Jurist.

[Disclosure: Goldstein & Russell, P.C., whose attorneys contribute to this blog in various capacities, is among the counsel on an amicus brief in support of the respondents in Zubik.]

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