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Five cases put off to next Term

Five cases that the Supreme Court had granted in time to be heard and decided during the current Term are being held over for the new Term starting next October 3.  The Court made no announcement about this, but the postponement was the consequence of scheduling for the final argument sitting in April.  Those five were not on the schedule.

They are, with a summary of the legal issues at stake:

Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley — constitutionality of excluding a church from a neutral public benefit that has no religious effect

Microsoft v. Baker — federal appeals court’s authority to review a denial of class certification after the lead plaintiff has dismissed a complaint

Salman v. United States — validity of an insider-trading charge based on a close family relationship between a person providing a tip and a person receiving it, who traded on the information

Manuel v. Joliet, Ill. — whether a Fourth Amendment claim of malicious prosecution may be filed after legal proceedings have begun in a criminal case

Murr v. Wisconsin — treatment for “takings” purposes of separate parcels of property that are located side by side and have the same owner


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