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Wednesday round-up

As Lyle Denniston reported for this blog, yesterday the Court turned down an application by Republicans in Virginia’s congressional delegation for a stay blocking implementation of a new state congressional-district map. Andrew Cain also reports on the Court’s order for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


  • In the Los Angeles Times, David Garrow notes that four Justices are over the age of seventy-five and urges Chief Justice John Roberts to “use his authority as head of the federal judiciary to require his high court colleagues and others to undergo regular mental health checkups.”
  • At the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Liberty Blog, Julio Colomba argues that the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent brief opposing review in American Farm Bureau Federation v. EPA, a challenge to the EPA’s water-pollution cleanup plan for the Chesapeake Bay, misunderstands federalism because “state officials’ participation in or consent to federal overreach is, at best, irrelevant.”
  • In The National Law Journal (subscription or registration required), Tony Mauro reports on the future of the Oyez Project, whose arrangement with the Chicago-Kent College of Law is set to expire in May when its founder, Jerry Goldman, retires.
  • For Forbes, Michael Bobelian reports on the Court’s grant in Salman v. United States and argues that “[w]hat’s at stake in this case is whether the justices will… make it easier for prosecutors to pursue certain types of insider trading claims.”

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