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Friday round-up


  • At his eponymous blog, Lyle Denniston reports that a “federal judge in Mobile ruled on Thursday that same-sex marriage must be available throughout Alabama, for any gay or lesbian couple wishing to apply for a license — but not yet.”
  • At the Special Education Law Blog, Jim Gerl discusses this week’s denial of review in Ridley School District v. M.R., a case involving the “stay put”provision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • At ACSblog, Gene Nichol criticizes the Court’s campaign finance jurisprudence.
  • At his eponymous blog, David Boyle discusses the oral arguments in the challenges to four states’ bans on same-sex marriage and the recognition thereof.
  • In New York Magazine, Cristian Farias weighs in on this week’s decision in City and County of San Francisco v. Sheehan, in which the Court held that two police officers have qualified immunity from a lawsuit filed by a mentally disabled woman whom they shot.

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