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Round-up of news on today’s orders and opinions

Here is some early coverage of today’s orders and opinions.

The Court released opinions in two argued cases, Maryland v. King and Hillman v. Maretta.  Greg Stohr of Bloomberg has coverage of the Court’s ruling in King, in which a closely divided Court upheld the state’s use of DNA testing for arrestees charged with serious offenses.  The Associated Press covers the Court’s decision in Hillman, in which the Court held that a federal law which establishes a life insurance program for federal employees and allows an employee to designate a beneficiary to receive the proceeds of the policy when the employee dies preempts a Virginia law which provides that, when a married couple is divorced, the divorced spouses are no longer the beneficiaries of each other’s life insurance policies.

The Court granted cert. in two cases.  Lawrence Hurley of Reuters has coverage of the Court’s grant in Lexmark International v. Static Control Components, in which the Court will consider Static Control’s standing to make false advertising claims under the Lanham Act against Lexmark.  Hurley and the Associated Press also cover the Court’s grant in United States v. Apel, a challenge brought by a man who was arrested for trespassing after he was banned from a military base and then moved his protest to a highway that passes through the base.

The Court vacated and remanded the lower court’s decision in Sears, Roebuck & Co. v. Butler, a class action case involving environmentally friendly front-loading washing machines.  Greg Stohr of Bloomberg has coverage of that order, while the Associated Press reports on the Court’s per curiam opinion in Nevada v. Jackson, in which the Court summarily reversed a decision by the Ninth Circuit in a habeas case.

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