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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the University of Texas at Austin filed its brief on the merits in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, in which the Court will consider whether the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment permits the university to use race in its undergraduate admissions decisions. The Daily Texan reports on the case and the underlying admissions policy at issue, while YouTube features a video address from Bill Powers, the president of the university, who defends the admissions policy as “narrowly tailored and modest.” The San Antonio Express-News  also has coverage


  • In her column for the Houston Chronicle, Lisa Falkenberg discusses the scheduled execution of Marvin Wilson, a Texas death row inmate with an IQ of sixty-one (which Marissa covered in yesterday’s round-up), arguing that “once again we need the nation’s highest court to save us from ourselves.”
  • A New Jersey father has announced that he plans to ask the Court to review a decision by that state’s supreme court rejecting his challenge to a state law that requires teenage drivers to place a red decal on the license plates of cars that they drive.  The Asbury Park Press has coverage.

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