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By the numbers: Update on OT11 and an updated Stat Pack

This is another post in an ongoing series analyzing statistical trends at the Court. For a more complete look at the statistics that we collect on the Court, you can find all of our up-to-date charts and graphs here.

Stat Pack. This edition of the Stat Pack is updated to include all opinions and orders released to date. You can find it, in its entirety, here.

This edition features the following pages:

You can also find all of our regularly updated statistics by clicking on the “Statistics” button on the top bar or by clicking here.

Circuit Scorecard. The Ninth Circuit continues its streak of contributing more cases to the Term than any other circuit. One third of all cases expected to be decided during OT11 originated in the Ninth Circuit. That number is both higher than any other circuit this Term (the closest competitor is the Third Circuit, which contributed 9% of all cases), but also higher than recent rates of Ninth Circuit dominance.

You can find our complete Circuit Scorecard on the statistics page here.

Pace of Grants. The Court’s slow pace of grants has been discussed at length on this blog. The Court has granted 18 cases for the upcoming Term, a pace that pales in comparison to the 25-35 grants that have become the norm in recent years.

The Court tends to reserve many of its June grants for the last conference of the Term, from which it often grants 5-10 petitions. Last year, in fact, the Court granted 13 cases at the final June conference.

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