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Tuesday round-up

Yesterday the Court released its argument calendar for February and March; Lyle Denniston of this blog outlines the schedule and provides summaries of each case.  Almost all major outlets reported on the Court’s schedule for the health care litigation: three days, or five-and-a-half hours, of oral argument have been scheduled for March 26-28.  Greg Stohr of Bloomberg also has coverage, as do David Savage of the Los Angeles Times, Jesse Holland of the Associated Press, Bill Mears of CNN, Adam Liptak of the New York Times, James Vicini of Reuters, Marcia Coyle of the Blog of Legal Times, AFP, Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico, Paige Winfield Cunningham of the Washington Times, and UPI .

Elsewhere, commentators looked ahead to other cases approaching in the new year. Todd Brewster of Constitution Daily reasons that, after this Term, Chief Justice Roberts will be among those “whose leadership of the Court has marked a shift in Court history and a new era of constitutional doctrine.” The Florida Independent reports on Spanish-language media commentary on Arizona v. United States. And at Concurring Opinions, Michael Pitts looks at the implications of the Texas redistricting case for Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.


  • Dahlia Lithwick of Slate dissects Newt Gingrich’s recent critiques of the federal judiciary.
  • Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kagan receive legal writing awards from The Green Bag, the Blog of Legal Times reports.
  • At the Associated Press, Jessica Gresko elaborates on the history behind the new Supreme Court cookbook, Chef Supreme: Martin GinsburgThe Huntsville Times provides video and photos from Justice Thomas’s visit to the Tuscaloosa Federal Building and Courthouse yesterday.

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