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Washington Legal Foundation webcast: Sorrell v. IMS Health

On Tuesday, April 12, the Washington Legal Foundation will host a webcast entitled “Sorrell v. IMS Health: The First Amendment and Health Care Information Comes Before the U.S. Supreme Court.”  You can register to view the webcast here.

On April 26, the Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of Vermont’s statute that commercially bans the use of prescriber-identifiable data.  The panelists will discuss the constitutional and broader policy issues that are at stake.  Featured speakers include Devin McGraw, Center for Democracy and Technology; Richard Samp, Washington Legal Foundation; and John Verdi, Electronic Privacy Information Center.

During the program, you can submit questions to speakers by sending them to:

Disclaimer: Goldstein, Howe & Russell, P.C. serves as counsel to three of the respondents in the case: IMS Health Inc., Verispan, and Source Healthcare Analytics.

Post update: The transcript for the event can be found here.

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