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Argument day podcasts: Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting

Continuing our series of podcasts on oral argument days, we have two new podcasts below with attorneys who filed briefs on both sides of Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting (No. 09-115). At issue in the case is whether Arizona laws that (1) require state employers to check the immigration status of job applicants through a federal computer database, although the federal law creating the database makes its use voluntary; and (2) revoke the business license of state companies that hire undocumented workers are pre-empted by federal immigration laws.

To listen to the podcasts, click the purple images on the right.

For the petitioners:

Carter G. Phillips, Sidley Austin LLP, counsel to petitioners.

For the respondent:

Mary R. O’Grady, Solicitor General of Arizona, counsel to respondent.

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