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Details on this morning’s orders

This morning, the Court issued orders from the Justices’ November 23 Conference, granting certiorari in three cases. Today’s full order list is here.

The following cases were granted this morning:



The following two cases were consolidated by the Court:



The Court did not call for the views of the Acting Solicitor General on any pending petitions this morning.

Also of note, the Court denied certiorari this morning in Harper v. Maverick Recording Company (10-94), a case involving damages for illegally donwloading music from the internet, over a written dissent from Justice Alito; certiorari was also denied in Gameche v. California (10-5196) with a statement by four Justices responding to the denial. The Justices took no action today in Wal-Mart v. Dukes (10-277).

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