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Argument preview: The “first-sale doctrine” and foreign-made goods

On Monday, in Costco Wholesale Corp. v. Omega S.A., the Court will address a dispute over whether the first-sale doctrine applies to copyrighted goods that are lawfully manufactured and distributed by the copyright owner overseas and then imported into the United States. Kali Murray, an assistant professor at Marquette University Law School, previews the case for the American Bar Association’s PREVIEW of U.S. Supreme Court Cases; the ABA has generously agreed to share some of its previews – which are authored by practitioners and scholars in the field – with SCOTUSblog.  You can read Professor Murray’s preview here; PREVIEW’s website is here.

Recommended Citation: Anna Christensen, Argument preview: The “first-sale doctrine” and foreign-made goods, SCOTUSblog (Nov. 3, 2010, 11:50 AM),