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Hall v. Ward

Docket: 10-288
Issue(s): (1) Whether the Eleventh Circuit misapplied 28 U.S.C. § 2254(e)(1) by failing to give any deference to the state habeas court's factual findings on a habeas petitioner's juror/bailiff misconduct claim; and (2) whether the Eleventh Circuit's finding of prejudice conflicts with Supreme Court precedent insofar as it found that the habeas petitioner failed to establish that the trial court did not answer any question posed by the jury, and when it disregarded the factual findings of the state habeas court that any information provided to the jury was not reversible error; and (3) whether the Eleventh Circuit's decision, which relied on evidence that was not admitted to assess prejudice and harm, conflicts with Supreme Court and circuit precedent.

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