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This week on the Wiki

With the Court still in recess until Monday, most of the additions made this week to our sister site, SCOTUSwiki, involved newly filed merits-stage briefs.  In particular, we have just updated the case page for Kiyemba v. Obama to include the two letter briefs that were filed on Friday at the Court’s request.  The Kiyemba case page also now includes links to two new amicus briefs filed this week in support of the respondents.

Several additional case pages have been updated this week to include recently filed merits briefs.  Reply briefs were added to the case pages for Carr v. United States, Berghuis v. Thompkins, United States v. Marcus, Humanitarian Law Project v. Holder, Hui v. Castaneda, and United States v. O’Brien & Burgess.  We also added respondents’ briefs to the case pages for Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha v. Regal Beloit Corp. and Levin v. Commerce Energy, and amicus briefs to the pages for City of Ontario v. Quon, Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, and New Process Steel v. NLRB.  Further, we added several merits briefs that have been filed over the course of the Court’s current recess.  In particular, we added a recently filed opening brief to the case page for Quon; a recently filed respondents’ briefs to the case page for Kiyemba; reply briefs to the pages for Lewis v. Chicago and Astrue v. Ratliff; and new amicus briefs to the case pages for Bilski v. Kappos, Christian Legal Society, Robertson v. United States ex rel. Watson, Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder, and Levin.

In anticipation of the sitting that will begin on Monday, we have added argument previews to several case pages scheduled for oral argument next week.  On the case page for United States v. O’Brien and Burgess, we have added an argument preview by Leif Overvold of Harvard Law School, while the page for Astrue v. Ratliff now includes a preview written by Matt Sundquist of this blog.