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Full texts of today’s opinions

UPDATE, 2 p.m.: Below we’ve added holdings in the cases decided.

The Court issued two opinions today:

In Hertz Corporation v. Friend (08-1107), the Court vacated and remanded the lower court’s decision unanimously, in an opinion by Justice Breyer.

The Court held that the “principal place of business” of a corporation is the place where its high level officers direct, control, and coordinate its activities, which will usually be its corporate headquarters.

In Florida v. Powell (08-1175), the lower court was reversed and remanded by a 7-2 vote; Justice Ginsburg delivered the majority opinion and Justice Stevens dissented, joined in part by Justice Breyer.

The Court held that “Advice that a suspect has ‘the right to talk to a lawyer before answering any of [the law enforcement officers’] questions,’ and that he can invoke this right ‘at any time . . . during the interview,’ satisfies Miranda.”

The full texts of the opinions follow the jump.

No. 08-1107, Hertz Corporation v. Friend

No. 08-1175, Florida v. Powell