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Today’s orders

The Court has issued two per curiam opinions, immediately below.  The full order list is here.

  • In Presley v. Georgia (09-5270), a case on a judge’s power to close a courtroom to the public, the Court reverses and remands in an 8-page opinion; Justice Thomas dissents, joined by Justice Scalia.
  • In the capital case Wellons v. Hall (09-5731), cert. is granted and the judgment is vacated and remanded for consideration of Cone v. Bell, in a 5-4 decision; Justice Scalia dissents, joined by Justice Thomas, and Justice Alito separately dissents, joined by the Chief Justice.

Of the cases summarily decided, one is especially noteworthy: the Court has granted the petition in Beard v. Abu-Jamal (08-652), vacating and remanding to the Third Circuit to consider in light of Smith v. Spisak.

The California appeals, Schwarzenegger v. Plata (09-416) and California State Republican Legislator Intervenors v. Plata (09-553), have been dismissed for want of jurisdiction.

The Court has denied the State of Michigan’s request for a preliminary injunction in the Asian carp cases, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York v. Illinois (1, 2, and 3 Original).

Finally, the Court has asked for the views of the United States in Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy v. Reinhard (09-529).