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This week on the Wiki

This week, our sister site, SCOTUSwiki, was updated to include a number of last week’s merits-stage filings.  We have added newly filed merits briefs to the case pages for Lewis v. City of Chicago, Morrison v. National Australia Bank LTD, Carr v. United States, United States v. Marcus, Berghuis v. Thompkins, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project and Humanitarian Law Project v. Holder, Hui v. Castaneda, and United States v. O’Brien.  In addition, the Wiki now includes new amicus briefs in Lewis, Astrue v. Ratliff, Hui, O’Brien, and Barber v. Thomas.

On Monday, the Court handed down opinions in two cases – Hemi Group, LLC v. City of New York and Briscoe v. Virginia – and the Wiki pages for those cases have been updated to include the decisions.  Commentary by Stanford Law School’s Brian Goldman, which was originally posted to the blog, was added to the Hemi Group case page as well.

Also on Monday, the Court granted certiorari in Abbott v. United States and Gould v. United States, which were consolidated for oral argument.  The Wiki has been updated to include a case page for these matters.

This week’s blog also featured commentary on several of last week’s arguments and opinions, and several Wiki pages were updated this week to include that analysis.  The case page for Mac’s Shell Service v. Shell Oil Products Co. and Shell Oil Products Co. v. Mac’s Shell Service now includes a post by Stanford’s Shira Liu recapping last week’s oral argument, while Harvard Law School student James Bickford’s commentary on last week’s decision in South Carolina v. North Carolina has been added to the Wiki page for that case.

As always, we have continued to update SCOTUSwiki to reflect ongoing media and blogosphere coverage of each case on the Court’s docket.  Not surprisingly, Citizens United seems to have received by far the most attention this week, and the “Links and Further Information” section on the case page reflects this focus.