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This Week at the Court

The Court will hear oral argument in the following cases:

Monday, Nov. 30:

  • Graham County Soil & Water Conservation District v. United States ex rel. Wilson (08-304) — scope of right to sue to recover false claims against the federal government
  • Merck & Co., Inc. v. Reynolds (08-905) — deadline for filing securities fraud lawsuit

Tuesday, Dec. 1:

  • Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz v. United States; United States v. Milavetz, Gallop, & Milavetz (08-1119; 08-1225) — Congress’s power to bar attorneys from advising debtors to take on more debt before filing for bankruptcy
  • United Student Aid Funds, Inc. v. Espinosa (08-1134) — standard for forgiving student loan debt in bankruptcy

Wednesday, Dec. 2:

  • Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection (08-1151) — limits on state authority to restore storm-eroded beaches or lakefronts

The schedule for merits briefs due this week is below the jump.

Monday, Nov. 30:

Samantar v. Bashe Abdi Yousuf (08-1555) – Petitioner’s brief

Thursday, Dec. 3:

Carr v. United States (08-1301) – Petitioner’s brief

Friday, Dec. 4:

Berghuis v. Thompkins (08-1470) – Petitioner’s brief

Migliaccio v. Castaneda (08-1529; 08-1547) – Petitioner’s brief

United States v. Marcus (08-1341) – Petitioner’s brief