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This Week at the Court

For the second week in a row, no oral arguments are scheduled.  The Justices will hold their private conference on Tuesday, grants from which will likely be announced on Monday, November 30.  If any orders are released on Wednesday, we will cover them promptly.

The schedule of merits briefs due this week appears below the jump.

Monday, Nov. 23:

  • Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (08-861) – Petitioner’s reply
  • Jerman v. Carlisle (08-1200) – Respondents’ brief
  • Lewis v. City of Chicago (08-974) – Petitioner’s brief

Wednesday, Nov. 25:

  • Granite Rock Company v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters (08-1214) – Petitioner’s reply
  • United States v. O’Brien (08-1569) – Petitioner’s brief

Friday, Nov. 27:

  • United States v. Comstock (08-1224) – Petitioner’s reply