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Live coverage of Sotomayor hearings

As-it-happens coverage of the Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor before the Senate Judiciary Committee will occur on various broadcast or online outlets, beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday.  In addition, the Committee will provide its own live webcast, available at this link.

The first day’s session is expected to be occupied largely by opening statements from members of the Committee, and conclude with Judge Sotomayor’s opening statement in the afternoon.  As expected, live coverage will be available more widely when the nominee begins her testimony.

As is customary these days, full gavel-to-gavel coverage will not be available on the major commercial television networks.  ABC-News, for example, will provide full coverage only through a special online presentation, at  CBS News’ coverage will be provided via Ustream, at this link.

C-SPAN, the cable network, will begin coverage on its main TV channel on Monday, and switch to C-SPAN3 for the following days.  The network will also have continuing coverage on radio and online.  (UPDATE: C-Span has begun its webcast, here.)

The PBS (public broadcasting) network will provide live TV coverage from the beginning Monday and also will provide live streaming video at, in conjunction with National Public Radio. will have live streaming video on its web site and will have a widget of Twitter commentary from Brian Williams, Pete Williams, Kelly O’Donnell and other featured Twitterers.

Our own Live Blog coverage will come from Tom Goldstein and Kristina Moore, who will report from all sessions this week. A reminder for tomorrow’s Live Blog is below: